FLY LDN x art'otel

FLY LDN x art'otel


All our guests at art’otel amsterdam receive complimentary access to a range of blood-pumping or chill-inducing workouts thanks to an exciting partnership with FLY LDN instructors.

Pick your video, roll your mat, and flow with us!


A fiery 15-minute booty workout that'll guarantee a glute burn in a pinch!
Equipment: exercise mat if available but not essential.



Bringing it back to basics with an express class solely aimed at the glutes and core. This class will activate and build muscle endurance in the targeted areas until they reach maximum burn.
Equipment: exercise mat if available but not essential.



The perfect start to your day. This short flow focuses on the upper body, working through the spine, shoulders, and arms. You will finish feeling awake and open for the day ahead.
Equipment: exercise mat if available but not essential.



This 20 min restorative class combines deep breathing and stretching to help release tension in your legs. With the use of props to help support your poses, flow through this session with minimal effort for maximum results.
Equipment: exercise mat if available but not essential, bolster (or pillow), yoga block (or book) and blanket.


FLY LDN x art'otel

art'otel has partnered with London’s multi-​award-winning immersive flow and low impact training studio’s online fitness platform: FLY LDN Online.

FLY LDN Online is a virtual yoga and fitness platform, accessible anytime, anywhere. With on-demand content covering Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Low Impact training, and a full timetable of live-streamed classes, FLY LDN Online helps users flow how they want, wherever they may be.

With FLY LDN Online, you can:
∙ Get a free trial – unlimited access to all content
∙ Train anytime, anywhere, live & on-demand
∙ Access unlimited on-demand and live streamed classes from your favourite FLY LDN instructors
∙ Watch regular new releases across each of our training disciplines and join LIVE classes every week
∙ Enjoy tailor-made Collections for whatever mood you’re in, including Beginner-Friendly, Quickies, Super Chill, No Equipment & more

All our guests enjoy an exclusive 50% off the FLYL DN Online quarterly membership including a 7-day free trial. Redeem this special offer by using the check-out code HOTEL50 when purchasing ONLINE HERE.

Important notice

The activities in this video are physically challenging and carry risks that we cannot eliminate. These include the risk of personal injury.  We are not qualified to express an opinion that you are fit to safely participate, in particular, those who are pregnant should be aware that there are activities in the video unsuitable for pregnant women. In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by us, participation in the activities depicted is entirely at your risk.